Coccinella magnifica

The humble ladybird or ladybug if you're from north America. Found throughout the garden year long the ladybird is a farmers best friend as they feast upon aphids another other herbivorous insects. The name "ladybird" originated in Britain where the insects became known as "Our Lady's bird" or the Lady beetle. I love the way... Continue Reading →

Cyanistes caeruleus

So I bought a little bird feeder and stuck it out in the front garden and look who arrived to feast. The Eurasian blue tit is a small passerine bird in the tit family Paridae. These little fellas have a beautiful chripy call and are hard to photograph as they are so quick. Click in and... Continue Reading →

Back out and about

Well, I haven't posted here in a while as I've been adventuring over the summer and have been busy with some other projects of mine. It was really great to get out with the camera in nature for the first time in ages. Lot's of beautiful natural things to photograph all around. Some of my... Continue Reading →

Trinity campus bird walk

For Trinity week I went on a guided bird walk of the campus. I had literally no idea there were so many different varieties of birds on campus. All the trees and hidden gardens create a microcosm for the birds to thrive in. Normally you just see the cheeky Seagulls trying to knick people's lunches... Continue Reading →


Had the pleasure of helping organise a tour of Glendalough in Co. Wicklow with the Trinity college photography society (DUPA). The tour was in conjunction with The light hunters who gave us all tips and tricks to get the best shots on the day The national park has two main lakes, many waterfalls and historic early... Continue Reading →

The Dublin mountains

I've been hiking up the Dublin and Wicklow mountains the last few weeks trying to explore more of them with friends. It's such a beautiful place, especially off the beaten track. To think that it's beauty is there all year round is amazing. I need to make a point of going up there more to... Continue Reading →

Marlay park south Dublin

This park will always have a special place in my heart. Many days spent sitting on the grass in the in the sunshine there. Runs or walks most evenings with so many hidden places to discover. There is  a beautiful court yard with walled gardens which you can enter free of charge. This time of... Continue Reading →

Deer rutting in the Phoenix park

It was wonderful to catch some of the stags rutting in the Phoenix park last week with the Dublin university photography society. The males had some beautiful well-developed antlers which they were fighting with. A fantastic sight to see first hand.

Shrooms galore

Tis the season for mushrooms. I was out and about in Marley park this time last year and I came across many beautiful different varieties. Here are some macro shots I got of them. I'm hoping to get out again this weekend and snap a few more varieties

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