Men’s Rite of Passage June Retreat

With Rob Coffey, Dr. Darragh Stewart and Karol Liver

Come join our evolving Men’s community for a deep dive into your masculinity. This is will be a space to connect to many like minded men in an open and non-judgmental space. We will be creating the container for you to connect to your truth, to get clarity on your purpose, to express and go deep into shifting and moving trapped or repressed emotions, aid you in exploring your shadow and guiding you to connect to your authentic self. Together we will gather to let the old stories and narratives drop away. We will embrace vulnerability, connecting beneath the surface, and exploring what it means to be a man in this new decade. This retreat is packed with many of the different healing modalities and embodiment practices we have come across on our own personal training. It is a jam packed four days but with plenty of down time to connect, reflect and relax. We will be doing some deep inner work but also having a lot of fun.

”Everyone carries a shadow,and the less it is embodied in the individuals life,the blacker and denser it is” – Carl Jung

Times are changing and it is now up to us to foster a positive sense of masculinity in the world. To heal the wounds of our fathers and their forefathers. Coming back into a state of balance with our brothers, sisters and the natural world. Do you want to be apart of the change? Do you have the courage to step up to the challenge? Look deep inside yourself and you will find it! So come join us!

The Journey

We will journey together over the weekend to connect to our authentic selves and hold space for each other to step into our true power. We can become the leaders of our own lives learning to take responsibility for our choices and life course.The weekend will give you new toolspractices, and insights into how to continue your personal and spiritual development and how to integrate new experiences into your daily life. In life sometimes we start to feel a call to something more, where we embrace the unknown and follow our own hero’s journey.  Moving out of our comfort zone to the edge and this is where the growth is. Will you answer the call to set out on the quest to dive deep into yourself to find what you are searching for?”The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” – Joseph Campbell 

The 4 day retreat starts at 19.30 on Friday 25th June and consists of three stages.

1) The Call: On the first evening of landing and preparation, we set an individual and collective intention. What is it you intend to let go of, what do you intend to heal, how do you want to grow?

2 ) The Vision: Shamanic drumming, Meditation, Emotional release techniques, Cacao circle, breathwork ceremony, ecstatic dance, and fire ceremony.

3) The Return:  Sunday and Monday are days of grounding, deep sharing, and integration using different modalities from embodied practices to nature connection. We finish the Monday afternoon  at 12 in time to get home at a reasonable hour. We will be doing an optional hike to Queen Maebh’s tomb after for those who want to join,

We would really value your participation in this retreat, and if offers you the opportunity for a weekend of connection, healing, and self-growth.

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