5 week Men’s empowerment program

Are you ready to listen to the call and rise to the challenge?

If you want to go look deeper into yourself then this is the program for you!

If you are feeling stuck, at a cross roads or are ready to deepen your journey to discover yourself then join us.

It’s going to take courage and commitment to take a hard look at yourself.

The rewards do not come if we don’t put the work in!

I’ve designed this program to challenge you, to bring awareness, and to teach you some of the incredible tools and techniques we can use to cultivate a happy and fulfiling life.

This program will help you get the clarity you need. Get a clear vision of what you need to do and what you want from life.

It will connect you to your purpose and root out your passion. It will take dedication and discipline.

We will come together to support one another, share resources and knowledge. It will be a journey and a process to uncover who you truly are, your truth and authenticity.

Are you ready to allow the layers to peel away, to drop the masks and armour? Do you value yourself and want to invest in your personal and spiritual development? Do you want to connect to a group of men on a similar journey to you?

We will do the inner work together and journey deep into the subconscious using different embodiment practices.

It’s going to be something not to miss if you want to explore the nature of your mind and what it means to be a man in these times!

If you’re still reading this acknowledge in yourself you have come this far and you deep down know you’re ready to take the next step so book in now to join our growing conscious men’s community.

The full program will be a closed group for the duration.

What you will receive:

Private closed group page

5 x (2hr) Live training calls

5 x (1hr) Accountability calls

Full program booklet with weekly challenges, practices and prompts

Weekly Embodiment practices

20 guided meditations to keep

Optional physical Circle (date tbc)

Access to course resources page

Free post course 1:1 (time tbc)

Full 5 week program discount (Normally 420€)

Discounted rate available till the 21st of June.


Full 5 week program

Full 5-week program starting June 28th.


If you want to pay in installments or really want to join and can’t afford the program price, please message me for bank details and financial assistance.


No better inspiration for the road ahead have I found thus far than Darragh, who has dedicated his whole self to rising up his fellow Irish. 
Darragh was in education with a close friend and after a follow on Instagram and then joining an online men’s circle I was soon off to the Inward Bound Men’s retreat at Carrowkeel, Co. Sligo. I was humbled by the whole experience, but particularly inspiring was Darraghs ability to hold space: effectively, non-judgementally and with an absolute arsenal of tricks up his sleeve to keep the energy flowing. A true warrior, he is totally prepared to share the knowledge we all need to save the world. 
His ability to tackle the real issues: masculinity, sexuality, trauma, from losing loved ones, to lightbulb moments over pints of the creamy stuff, made everything about this transition toward spiritual healing, for me, all the more accessible. The results were profound. 
His knowledge of plant medicine is also absolutely essential and he would be my first port of call for Psilocybin-related inquiries. 
It’s no accident men like Darragh is rising up. Learn from him, learn with him, and get excited about the shift in humanity ahead as we heal the trauma of the land and people alike. 
Thank you brother 
Grá mór – Tom – Berlin

Darragh has a fountain of knowledge on all things spiritual and self-development and creates a really interesting and thought-provoking space for people to share together. He has an incredibly warm and attentive manner that makes everyone feel safe and heard. Would highly recommend going to a circle if you want to connect to like-minded people, maybe gain confidence in sharing and being heard, and learn about the topics discussed. John – Dublin

‘Couldn’t recommend Daragh’s work anymore! Through his work I’ve been reminded of the importance of the work we do as men and the importance of connection, honest sharing, feeling our emotions, expression, and community.
Daragh holds space so well, he accepts you where you are and he can also have a good laugh too.
Looking forward to doing more work with him in the future and he is flying the flag for the men of Ireland in terms of healthy, spiritual, and emotional growth.’ Conor – Wicklow

I find Darragh’s offerings special as I know they come from a space of good intention. I’m grateful for the people I’ve met in the retreats, circles, workshops, and many other offerings of Darragh and can’t recommend his programs more to those who are on the path of self-healing. Darragh’s science background, his deep interest in the ancient practices combined with his genuine desire to help makes him a unique person in this space and the community he is helping create is a gift to Ireland.
Vithu Vijay – Dublin

I found Darragh’s work through word-of-mouth; always a great way to hear about something. I enjoy activities involving intense connection and relationship-building and had been recently introduced to circling. I had been wanting to explore mens’ work at the time too in order to explore how it may benefit me. I cannot recommend Darragh’s circles enough. The people gravitating towards Darragh’s projects, in my experience, have been warm, open, honest, and so much more; quite like Darragh himself. I have been both fulfilled my desire for deeper connection and nurtured an interest in connecting with not only other men but other human beings throughout the experiences i have taken part in. I look forward to many more to come.

Andrew- Dublin

Darragh is a supportive, understanding, kind, and full of wisdom mentor. Has so much knowledge and information on each topic that is discussed within the circle. Very calming and down-to-earth person. It’s also crazy how affordable these mixed circles are for the amount of learning and support that you receive. It’s unbelievable. ❤️

Eoin – Cork

Couldn’t recommend these events Darragh more, I really enjoyed the sense of just being around similar minded people and the community feel. There was no judgement, the feelings were raw, I felt open and comfortable in the space to delve in and share my truth. Darragh was a great host and provided really good guidance and created this space that felt open and a feeling of mutual respect. I really loved it, thank you Darragh 🙂

James – Sligo

This was my first men’s event with Darragh and I’ve nothing but praise for him. I don’t know where else men can go to talk and be listened to without judgement. It’s pretty special. I was a little nervous joining purely because it’s something I’ve never done before but Darragh’s energy put me at ease. Very excited for the next one!

David – Meath

Grá mór