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The Happy Pear Podcast

What a wonderful podcast with Dave and Steve Flynn of the Happy pear. This was part of their sexulaity and relationship series. We covered such a broad range of topics to do with Men’s work, masculinity, issues that face men in our Ireland within our Irish culture. I also touched on the work I do with Psychedelics and how the science is catching up. We talked about the retreats I co-founded in the Netherlands, Inwardbound (www.inwardbound.nl) and the connection retreats I run in Ireland with Men and Women www.inwardboundinstitute.ie.

Thanks to the guys at the happy pear and all the team for helping spread my work and passion.

Listen below to The Happy Pear Podcast πŸ™πŸ»

Powered by Positivity Podcast

Great to be on the powered by positivity podcast. We went deep on all things Psychedelics with Laura Murray. We covered the science, microdosing, different types of psychedelics and so much more. We discussed about how plant medicine and Psychedelics are now being used for mental health issues and it being backed by real data and cutting edge science. I also talked about @inwardbound_institute that myself and Rob Coffey founded 3 years ago and about our upcoming training programme starting this February. Have a listen and check it out and let me know what you think πŸ„β™₯οΈπŸ„

The Pyschedelic Therapy Podcast

Really great conversation with Eamon Armstrong of Maya for the psychedelic podcast. We talk Inwardbound retreat, healing the masculine and Men’s work, psychedelic therapy, psychedelic science, magic mushrooms as Ireland and Europes indigenous plant medicine, connecting back to our roots and his Irish ancestors, and how Celtic shamanism is on the rise once again.

Darragh Stewart (Inwardbound): My Psychedelic Irish Brother

The Yoga life Podcast

Kevin Boyle invited me on the yoga life podcast to share about my men’s circles and the work I’m doing with magic mushrooms. We talked about getting men to open up, share, and get more in touch with their feelings. We also talked about Inwardbound retreats the psychedelic retreat I run in the Netherlands. We also touched on psychedelic science and how magic mushrooms have been shown to work for depression and anxiety.

The University of life Podcast

Wonderful to sit down with Jamie White for his Podcast. I shared about my Journey to why I am now working with men holding the mens circle and Inwardbound retreat. We also talked about having self belief and starting your own business. A really great in-depth chat which could have gone on a lot longer!

Listen here

The Flow State Podcast

Had such a deep and wonderful chat on the flow state podcast with @benpaulforsyth πŸ’«
We talked about personal development, spirituality, psychedelic science, meditation, mental health, the Psilocybin retreats, what it means to be a man heading into 2020, plant medicine, micro-dosing, and much more.

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