Ceremonial Cacao

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I source all my cacao from ethical and responsible suppliers in Guatemala.

Fair farming

The workers and the farms are treated well. Farmers are given a good wage. Permaculture projects are promoted to reduce deforestation and pollution

Womens collective

The women’s collectives who grind and process the cacao are given a fair wage. This creates many jobs for local communities

Giving back

Profits are put back in by the distributors to help local charities and agroforestry projects.

How to make your Ceremonial Cacao

The food of the gods, It brought vitality and power to the Mayan warriors and people for generations”

Jojo Jungle – Professional Cacao maker

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Cacao ceremonial block

Block is 1lb (454g) Prices includes shipping in republic of Ireland


Spring Special 2 Cacao ceremonial blocks (10e discount)

2x Blocks each block 1lb (454g) Prices includes shipping in republic of Ireland Please get in contact for bulk orders or outside of Ireland shipping


International shipping Cacao ceremonial block

1x Blocks each block 1lb (454g) For more than 1 please get in contact to save on postage