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My Workshops The Magic of Mushrooms and Microdosing 101 are now available to pay to stream. Buy both and receive a 10e discount (option at the bottom of the page)

Magic of Mushrooms

There is a huge resurgence in people using psychedelics and plant medicine for personal development, inner healing and spiritual breakthroughs. In this talk I will be demystifying everything about Psilocybin for you. I’ll be taking you on a journey to educate you on all things psilocybin and magic mushrooms with time for Q&A at the end

Come join and don’t miss out on all the practical information you need to know about our Europe’s indigenous plant medicine.

I’ll be going through:

The current psychedelic science on Psilocybin.

How to consume in a safe way and harm reduction measures.

How to grow mushrooms.

Where to find mushrooms in the wild and Identification.

Micro-dosing and Macro-dosing.

How to use mushrooms for spiritual and personal development.

Psychedelic retreats.

Legality and things to consider.

After the talk there will be time for Q&A through the chat or verbally. We will also leave some room for discussion.

The Magic of Mushrooms

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Microdosing 101

Microdosing 101


Microdosing 101

Microdosing psychedelics is when a very small amount of a psychoactive substance is regularly taken to bring about daily benefits. It creates sub-perceptual effects working in the background, enhancing your mental state and positively affecting your day to day activities. Why are so many people microdosing? Reports of Increased mood, increased energy, increased focus, enhanced creativity, deeper meditation, deeper breathwork and reaching peak flow states are some of the main reasons.

Microdosing can be thought of as a daily top up to give you at that little boost when you need it most.

In this seminar I’ll go through:

The in’s and out’s of what is microdosing

Harm reduction – Working safely with Psychedelics

What are the drawbacks and benefits

The science of psychedelics

Is it right for you?

What substances do people microdose

Ways to microdose

Best practices and common protocols

Time for Q&A

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Testimonials from previous ‘The Magic of Mushrooms talks’

”Loved Darragh’s talk! Very informative and eye-opening on the science, usage, safety and identification of magic mushrooms. It’s like a one-stop shop for everything you need to start looking for mushrooms. Darragh is very friendly and funny and his enthusiasm really gets across. Highly recommended. Thank you! ”

”This was a thoroughly enjoyable course which covered a broad range of topics and is a perfect introductory talk for those wanting to learn more about the history and folklore surrounding sacred mushrooms, their use in modern psychiatry and medicine, and harm reduction through correct identification of mushrooms. Recommended! Thanks again Darragh. ”

”Darragh’s talk was really well thought out and informative. He was well prepared and it had a lovely relaxed atmosphere. It was like having a friendly chat with someone who was really happy to share their knowledge! A lovely evening well spent! ”

”This talk came from several different angles, the historical, the chemical, the psychological and the practical perspective. It was really well informed on all fronts, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the only 2-hour zoom session that I have enjoyed since lockdown began! ”

”A fantastic articulate talk on Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms. Their place in today’s society and harm reduction as a first port of call. Darragh is well versed on the topic and I appreciated his passion and knowledge on the subject matter. ”

*Always check with your local doctor before ingesting any substance, make sure it’s pure/correctly identified and check your countries drug laws when purchasing or

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