Work with me 1:1

Getting the right guidance at the right moment can make a huge difference. I wish I met a mentor all those years ago when I was going through my dark night of the soul.

Having gone on my own journey with therapy, meditation, Plant medicine and psychedelics, I have laid down a wonderful life I feel happy and connected to. Now I have been mentoring people to have a life that they love too. I work with many people who are feeling stuck, unclear and going through a period of great change. I coach people before alter states of consciousness experiences from plant medicine and psychedelic’s and work with you to integrate those experiences.

Working with me I guide you to get the clarity so you can have the vision to connect to your life’s purpose, have a better relationship with your self and others. I like to work with people of a few weeks or months.

Please get in touch for pricing. I work on a sliding scale to make it affordable to those who are really in need of it.

What I’m currently offering:

  • One-to-One mentoring (currently online via Zoom) Email for enquiries
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Men’s circles, Men’s retreats
  • Online Mixed Circles
  • Group or Private Psilocybin sessions through Inwardbound
  • Microdosing advice and guidance
  • Psychedelic preparation and Integration consultations
  • Work around Sexuality, intimacy and conscious relationships

My work is not a substitute to Therapy. Both in conjunction can create meaningful change. If you want a suggestion for a therapist feel free to ask me. If I feel you could benefit from working with a trained therapist I will point you in the right direction