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My purpose is to allow the unfolding of your authentic self.

My vision is to reduce suffering in the world and offer compassion and loving kindness to those who need it.

My mission is to bridge the worlds of science and spirituality.

I aim to work with integrity, respect and to my full capacity.

My Background

My background is in Natural Science and I hold a Ph.D. in Plant Developmental Genetics from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Currently I’m passionate about psychedelic science and specifically the role of plant medicines in mental health. I’m currently focusing on Men’s development and Inwardbound psychedelic retreats in the Netherlands.

My Journey

Since a young age I’ve been interested in ritual, mysticism, Celtic lore and all forms of science. My personal development and spiritual work accelerated in my mid-twenties. I went through a dark night of the soul due to the immense pressure of working on my Ph.D., the break up of a long-term relationship and the death of one of my closest family members. I suffered from a deep bout of depression, anxiety and existential thoughts. It set me on a course for inner healing, understanding and change. During this time I exposed myself to many healing modalities, medicines and tools I could get access to. I learned so much and had a life changing break-through both mentally and spiritually, with the aid of psychedelic medicines and the power of holistic healing.

Personal & Spiritual Development

Since then I’m very passionate about helping others who may also benefit from the science of psychedelics and the personal developmental tools I’ve come across. Having found the power of bodywork for emotional release during this time, I was also awarded my VTCT diploma in Holistic massage therapy. I also set out to India over a period of 2 years to dive deep into intimacy and relationship work, Tantra, Yoga and Meditation. I completed both a Vipassana 10 day silent retreat in Bodh Gaya and a Tushita 10 day Silent retreat in Dharhamshala.

Men’s work

Seeing the need for work on healthy masculinity and integration of altered states of consciousness, I also set up and co-facilitate a men’s group in Dublin. We hold monthly circles, workshops, retreats and online events.

Psychedelic retreats

In 2018, I co-founded Inwardbound psychedelic retreat in the Netherlands, where myself and an experienced team offer a 5-day retreat with 2 Psilocybin sessions. We blend current science based practices working in the broad tradition of Stanislav Groff, with Celtic and world Shamanic tools and practices. The retreat is coupled with a tailored personal program of Psychotherapy and all the necessary preparation and integration. I’ve facilitated over a 100 people on their Psychedelic journeys, sitting and holding space through their process of journeying inward.

What I’m currently offering:

  • One-to-One mentoring (currently online via Zoom).
  • Men’s circles.
  • Group or Private Psilocybin sessions through Inwardbound.

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